Same Day Emergency Dental Care

Emergencies are unwanted and unexpected guests!! And in such a case we don’t want our patients to suffer from excruciating dental pain, so we are here to address your needs as quickly as possible by now offering- Same Day Emergency Dental Care.

What is a Dental Emergency?

In case of a tooth pain, some people aren’t sure whether they should call for a dental emergency care or not as they aren’t sure if their concern is an actual “emergency”.

So, when in doubt, Ask yourself?

Are you in pain?

If the answer is Yes. That needs to be attended immediately. A dental emergency is that you require the most. We, at Jersey Shore Dental are ready not only with the right treatment possible to relieve you from that nagging pain but also find out the underlying cause to treat it effectively.

Why Choose Jersey Shore Dental ?

Tooth pain, broken teeth, gum pain, abscesses and a whole host of other dental issues can creep up at any point of time, and we totally understand how painful and inconvenient these events can be.

We at Jersey Shore Dental, truly understand dental emergencies don’t wait for an appointment. That’s why we are here to provide you and your beloved ones with an exceptional dental care in Eatontown and nearby cities. We place a huge emphasis on prevention as well as personalised attention by offering complete dental emergency services.

At Jersey Shore Dental, we have our best dentist at your service, with cutting edge technology in a sophisticated yet soothing and calm ambience to help treat the problem and relieve your pain. We also create an affordable yet effective dental treatment plan if further treatment is needed to restore your smile completely.

90% of people have a fear of going to dentist. Dental avoidance, the noise of drill, phobia, the fear of pain, inhibition and other concerns contribute to dental stress and anxiety. But don’t worry! Jersey Shore Dental is unique in that basis by providing an excellent range of dental treatments in a relaxed ambience.

In case of any emergency dental care in neptune city NJ, don’t hesitate to call Jersey Shore Dental, we are available round the clock to assist your dental concerns.

Other dental emergencies that we treat include:

  • Knocked out or knocked loose teeth
  • Swollen gums or cheeks
  • Cracked or fractured teeth
  • Injuries to the soft tissues, including the gums, tongue, and palate
  • Damaged dental work that includes lost fillings or broken crowns
  • Abscesses

Keep in mind, neglecting or ignoring the required dental treatment can turn into a painful experience that no one deserves.

We serve same day emergency dental services of uniform quality standards across West Long Branch, Long Branch, Oceanport, Eatontown and Neptune City.

Call us at: (732)222-0977